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Adobe Invites Users To Beta Test Illustrator For iPad

Adobe is inviting users to beta test an upcoming iOS release of Illustrator for iPad. The portable version of the application was first revealed by the company in October 2019 and is planned for release within 2020.


The beta testing was reported by various customers who have received an invitation in the past few days, according to Cult of Mac. Furthermore, users who are not in the invite list can also sign up on Adobe’s official website for a chance to try out the app’s early access.

The portable version of Illustrator will have a slightly tweaked user interface compared to the desktop version. A necessary step, seeing that this version will emphasise more on touch-based controls rather than using a mouse. The company explains that it is reworking the software from scratch and will allow users to take advantage of Multi-Touch and Apple Pencil support, as well as compatibility with the iPad’s camera.

Although planned for release within the year, the company has not provided a specific release date for the application on iPad just yet.

(Source: Adobe via Cult of Mac)

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