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eBay UK deals and voucher codes: The online retailer is now offering a record high cashback rate – plus you can get a free £10

eBay has come a long way since its early auction site days, and is now the go-to site for an array of bargain-hunters.

Rather than actually bidding, Buy It Now listings let you pick up bargains without the suspense over whether you’ll actually win or not.

While most retailers on the high street these days offer a few percent cashback on whatever you spend, eBay no longer offer cashback as standard.

But it seems that cashback site Quidco have wrangled a deal with the auction site to get all members new and old an exclusive 5% cashback on every sale until midnight on Monday 6th November.

As well as this, if you’re new to Quidco, you can also get a free £10 cashback bonus on your first purchase.

To claim yours, simply follow the three simple steps below:

How to claim your free £10

  1. Join Quidco, for free
  2. Quidco will direct you to eBay where you can shop like normal and earn 5% cashback on your completed order until Monday
  3. If this is your first Quidco purchase, you’re also eligible for a £10 cashback welcome bonus

You can check out the full T&Cs on the Quidco site.

What else is in our guide?

  • Best tech deals at eBay
  • eBay’s price match guarantee
  • 5 hacks to finding the best deals

Best tech deals at eBay

Cheap tech essentials such as new charging wires, screen protectors, or cases are all great shouts to pick up on eBay, especially with the arrival of the new iPhone 8.

For kids, there’s lots of great gift and entertainment ideas, such as this £6.99 arts and crafts set, or got all out with a £64.95 Hachimal.

You can find out what everyone else is buying with their handy best-selling feature, which also splits items up into categories, or find out what the top Christmas gifts will be this 2017 with their trending page.

If you need a little inspiration on what to pick up to claim all your bonus points, we’ve outlined all the other money-saving deals on at eBay right now below.

eBay takes on Amazon and John Lewis by launching a huge price match guarantee

On top of the huge outlet sale, eBay have also recently launched a price match guarantee that will affect more than 20,000 products.

Their tag line for the offer takes aim at their e-commerce competitors Amazon, stating “their Prime deal is our everyday deal”.

The latest scheme means that the online retailer will offer the best price between the UK’s six biggest internet retailers, including Amazon, Currys, John Lewis, Argos, Tesco and Asda.

All the deals will be available on the eBay website and if you do manage to find a better price being offered by a competitor, eBay will give you a coupon for the price difference.

It will also be rolled out in Germany, France, Italy and Spain, having already been deemed a success in the US.

Ebay is joining the big names in the business

The new price match guarantee will also help to solidify eBay’s position as a retailer, rather than a bidding site, with 87% of eBay’s goods being fixed price, and 80% off it being brand new.

All the eBay deals also include free shipping – and don’t forget to pick up Nectar points on your purchase.

Rob Hattrell, Vice President of eBay in the UK, said: “We know that customers in the UK want the best deal when they shop. Our eBay Deals Programme has grown exponentially since its launch in 2009 and is now a firm favourite with the millions of customers who regularly shop on eBay.”

“We are confident in the strength of our deals already. But we’re giving our customers that confidence by also matching the price of our competitors.”

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How to claim your price match discount

  1. Before you buy it, contact eBay Customer Service to request a price match.
  2. Let Customer Service know where you found the lower price. We’ll confirm the price match on the spot.
  3. Once it’s confirmed, we’ll send you an eBay voucher for the difference.

Read on for more tips and tricks on how to save big on your eBay orders

    If you’re after huge discounts, the eBay’s deals page is the go to online hub for refurbished tech and electronics, with huge savings from branded outlets like Argos, Currys PC World and Laptop Outlet.

    But, always do your research before you buy and remember to purchase your item through Paypal to ensure your transaction is protected by eBay’s Money Bank Guarantee.

    Top tips for buying tech on eBay.co.uk:

    • Consider refurbished goods – Focus on searching for brands you are familiar with – and items you’ve seen in real life. Many brands such as Dyson and GoPro are refurbishing their own items and selling them directly on eBay, so always look out for big name brands.

    • Do your research – Has there been a new release or is there a cheaper alternative to the item you want? You’re not restricted to buying the latest handsets if you don’t need them, so be sure to look at reviews and compare handsets to find the best model for you.

    • Check the warranty and returns policy – One of the most important things to consider when buying refurb is the warranty it comes with, as this provides you protection if it develops a fault. If you shop from eBay’s refurbished hub all items come with a 12-month warranty from the seller, so if anything does go wrong in the 12 months you can guarantee that you will get an exchange or a refund.

    • Examine Seller Feedback – Always check seller feedback, making sure they have a good feedback rating. eBay’s top rated sellers constantly receive the highest buyer ratings, dispatch items quickly and have earned a track record of brilliant service.

    • Make the most of free shipping – Save yourself some money by looking for sellers that offer free shipping with the item. On eBay.co.uk you can filter your search to see only items that offer free shipping, and with many electronic items small enough to be shipped inexpensively, it’s a great way to save a few extra pennies.

    Top retailer outlets to watch on eBay

    mature woman using tablet on bed

    1. Argos

    2. Tesco Direct

    3. Boohoo Outlet

    4. Currys PC World

    5. Littlewoods Clearance

    eBay bargains: 5 hacks to find the best deals

    Our money-saving expert Julia Rampen reveals the 5 secrets to finding the best deals on eBay.

    1. Search for misspelled items

    If a seller lists a Sex IN the City DVD set, or advertises a ‘Sansung’ phone, they may not appear in any of the regular eBay search results. This can mean fewer bidders, and a lower price.

    You can search for misspelled items using Fat Fingers. You’re likely to find the best results by typing in a brand name (we found results for Samsung and Huawei).

    2. Look local

    Some eBay sellers will only give you the option of collecting the item in person. That’s useless for the majority of eBay bidders – but it could be perfect if you’re their neighbour. Local Bargain Finder hunts for deals in your area. Just enter your postcode and what you’re looking for.

    Read More

    eBay seller tips

    3. Step in at the last minute

    Last Minute Auction lists auctions on eBay that will end within an hour – and where the bid so far is less than a pound. Just choose the category you’re interested in and look for deals.

    4. Snipe

    If you want to play dirty, you can use a website like Goof Bid to place a last minute bid, known as ‘sniping’. Other buyers won’t have a chance to respond. You need to trust the sniper website as you’re handing over your payment details – read more about the risks here.

    Read More

    Find more voucher codes

    5. Follow a search

    If you’ve searched on eBay for an item, but haven’t found the price you want, you can track the search using this tool. You can then choose to receive email alerts.

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