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Head of eBay Developers Program Departs Company

Fri May 22 2020 21:55:28

By: Ina Steiner

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The head of the Developers program for eBay Marketplaces and eBay Classifieds Group departed today as the company slims down. eBay has been under pressure from activist investors for over a year to sell off parts of the company – including the classifieds unit.

In her LinkedIn profile Gail Rahn Frederick describes her role as “Reinventing eBay’s public API, developer ecosystem, and mobile tech at eBay.” She tweeted on Thursday that her last day was today (May 22).

Frederick joined eBay in 2014 and is General Manager of eBay’s Portland office and Vice President of Mobile and Developer Ecosystem at eBay. 

In a profile in 2018, Geekwire noted Frederick had reintroduced eBay’s Developer Conference which that year showcased how eBay was “leveraging product-based commerce and AI capabilities to deliver APIs that enable eBay developers to create innovative eBay experiences.”

eBay’s replacement CEO Jamie Iannone officially took over from Interim CEO Scott Schenkel on April 27, and it wouldn’t be surprising if Iannone was cleaning house and slashing costs.

It’s unknown what kind of impact Frederick’s departure will have on the third-party companies that develop tools for eBay buyers and sellers – and what kind of impact that may have on sellers themselves.

Frederick isn’t the only one sharing news of her departure. This week eBay announced a shakeup of its Board of Directors with longtime directors Tom Tierney and Fred Anderson stepping down in June.

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