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New Apple iOS Leak Promises Brilliant Messages Upgrade

The Messages app on iPhone and iPad is about to be significantly improved, analysis of leaked iOS 14 code by 9to5Mac. And because it’s what Apple calls a Catalyst app, it will work on the Mac much more effectively than the current macOS Messages app.

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The introduction of an integrated Messages app on the Mac was a boon when it was introduced a few years ago. It meant you could see messages on your laptop screen without fishing your phone out of your pocket. Typing replies was way easier on the Mac keyboard than on the iPhone’s glass screen.

But Messages is now an advanced app with special effects like balloons, confetti and fireworks to drive your meaning home. There are neat extras like invisible ink so messages are impossible to read by a casual over-the-shoulder peeker.

But while the iOS app advanced, the Mac version remained largely the same: efficient and useful but lacking the bells and whistles of the smaller-screen mobile version.

That’s about to change with the introduction of the Catalyst app version of Messages coming with iOS 14. The next iOS is due in the Fall, with an announcement before that in mid-June at Apple’s online-only WWDC event.

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Catalyst means a developer can deliver the same app on both Mac and iOS platforms, making for much greater integration.

In turn, that makes for a pleasingly familiar or even identical experience on both platforms. Of course, with one being a touchscreen interface and the other not, there will be different ways to interact, but it makes replicating features between the two much easier.

Not to mention that the same team can implement changes that work across computer and iPhone at a stroke.

At last, we may be able to see bold messages, spotlights and laser effects playing across your laptop screen, too.


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