K&F Premium Filter Pouch with 4 Filter Slots | KF13.117

Filter Case with Firm Protective Construction for 4 Filters with Zip and Magnetic Front Flap

Main Features:

  • Carries up to Four filter
  • Maximum filter size 82mm
  • Firm crush-resistant design
  • Belt loop and D-ring attachment option
  • Quality CDI weather proof material & zip
  • Magnetic flap for extra security
  • Beautifully made with “leather” trimmings
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R389 incl VAT

Awaiting Stock or Special Order

Awaiting Stock or Special Order

A stylish filter pouch designed to protect and manage your filter collection.

Stylish, Slick and Practical… say no more! When working with your filters on location, this super handy case will not only give protection to your expensive filters but make you look like a professional in the process. If already a pro, this case will slot right in with the rest of your top-notch gear. As we know changing filters can be a bit of a finicky task at the best of times, so being able to store them in a super practical case makes this task just that bit easier.

As a working professional or hobbyist photographer you can find yourself collecting a small selection of filters. You may find yourself with a circular polariser for clouds, refections or landscape photography and a ND filter to control light and shutter duration. A warming filter for portrait work or a black soft mist for a softer filmic look. If using your camera for video work you may even have a variable ND. When you use any of these filters you will probably need to remove and store your protective ND filter. This pouch will ensure you can easily and safely transport your filters and store them while they not in use.

This pouch is beautifully made out of stylish, hard-wearing CDP polyester with a weatherproof zip and attractive “leather” accents. With an embossed K&F Concept logo on the soft magnetic front flap adding to the quality finish of this pouch. There are two options when wanting to attach it, a metal D-ring, ideal when clipping onto carabiners or clips that are attached to most camera bags, typically found on the K&F Camera Backpacks. If you wish to mount the filter pouch on your belt or on a fixed strap on a bag, there is a secure, double fastening Velcro belt loop, allowing you to remove the pouch without having to feed a belt or strap through it.

With 4 padded yet stiff compartments, the case is capable of comfortably storing four filters of up to 82mm in diameter. The firm construction and crush resistant design of the entire pouch will enhance the protection of your filters. A great feature of the case is the bright K&F Orange interior which makes it easier finding your filter of choice, especially in low light condition.

As with all K&F Concept products our quality and value for money will not disappoint!