K&F 43mm Nano-X UV Filter the Premium Choice for 8K Clarity | KF01.981

For superior clarity and performance, providing exquisite, vibrant images while protecting your lens


  • Ultraviolet (UV) filtering for improved contrast and reduced haze and blue tints
  • Protects your expensive lens from, scratches, fingerprints, and accidental damage
  • Suitable for Ultra HD 8K recordings and image capture without sacrificing quality
  • Premium HD Glass, crafted with high-density, sharp cut and chemically enhanced optics
  • Japanese optical glass for superior quality and four times the strength
  • Multilayer Resistant Coatings (MRC) 28 layers creating a durable, hydrophobic and scratch-resistant surface
  • 6% light transmission to effectively reduces reflections, ensuring true colour in your images
  • Slim profile frame with a thickness of only 3.3mm to prevent vignetting
  • Double Threaded so your filters are stackable
  • Ergonomically machined grips for easy loosening
  • Quality twist case with rubber inserts for secure storage and travel

1 x K&F Concept 43mm Nano-X Series UV Filter
1 x Quality Protection Case
1 x 2 Year Warranty on Manufacturing Defects

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Transform your photography with the Nano-X UV Filter for enhanced picture quality and lens protection

For creators serious about final image quality, look to the K&F Nano-X Series of filters. A Premium UV filter that will protect your lens’ front element and enhance contrast without degrading your high-resolution recordings and photo’s. You are going to love the thoughtful features incorporated into this filter as well as the benefits offered by the multilayer coatings used in the manufacture of the Nano-X series UV filters.

Ultraviolet (UV) Filtering
UV filter are designed to block the Ultraviolet light passing through the lens to the cameras recording sensor. Humans can’t see UV light but some image capturing devices can, especially in older cameras. UV filters were created to prevent these unwanted wavelengths from degrading image quality. This diffraction causes a lack of sharpness, reducing overall image contrast and ultimately the quality. The impact is most significant in arial photography where images would be hazy and also often have a blue tint. The solution was to add UV filters to cameras which resulted in sharper images, with increased contrast, reduced haze, and blue tint. Today, UV filtering technology has progressed dramatically. For vibrant images, with true-to-life colours that pop, the K&F UV filter allows you to now capture the beauty of a scene in all its glory.

Lens Protection
One of the most common reason people use a UV filter on their cameras now days, is to protect the lens’ front element from damage. A UV filter serves as a layer of defence for your lens’ front element and the precious coatings on it. Having a filter in front of the lens guards it against dirt, scratches, fingerprints, and accidental damage. It's easy to forget how vulnerable camera lenses are, the tiniest scratch or smudge can negatively impact image quality drastically. With the K&F UV filter, you can be rest assured that your lens will get the added protection it needs without a loss in picture quality. This is especially important when you're traveling to remote locations or shooting in harsh environments, where your gear is exposed to the elements. Invest in the K&F Concept Premium Glass filter today and see the difference while protecting your lens.

Image Quality
Picture quality is one of the most important aspects of photography or videography. Every creator, photographer or videographer wants to capture stunning images that are clear, sharp, and vibrant. One of the main reasons creators are hesitant or even reluctant to add a UV filter to their equipment is the fear of image quality loss. Adding any glass in front of your lens can add to additional diffraction and loss of light. Not all UV filters are made equal. There is a reason why there is such a vast price range in UV filters. This premium Nano-X series filter from K&F has been developed with the current highest resolutions available. From the Japanese optical glass to Multilayer coatings, and most importantly, the many years of knowledge and experience K&F Concept has gathered and combined to produce this premium product. You are going to struggle to find a better performing high-end UV filter at this exceptional price point.

Why 28 layers of coatings matter
Multilayer Resistance Coating (MRC) provide several effects and benefits to the properties of the filter. The most obvious and important factor is the filters’ ability to remove UV light. This filter is also coated to be hydrophobic. This means that the filter is designed to repel water. Water beads up and runs off the face struggling to adhere to the filter surface. This has two advantages; it is easier to clean as dirt or dust runs off as it clings to the water instead of the filter. Secondly water spots are less likely to ruin your photos as large areas of soft focus, where drops overlap your subject. So if you are shooting in the rain, mist or fog, or if you at a waterfall or waterpark, a splashed lens will not ruin rest of your day.

The 28 Multi-layer Coatings also boast scratch-resistant technology. With a 4 times stronger glass in combination with scratch-resistant coatings this filter is designed to last you for many years of clear shooting. As most cameras don’t live in a studio environment and are used out and about, you can have additional peace of mind that the filter is less likely to be damaged or scratched in frequent daily use. Another key benefit of the Multi-layer Coatings is amazing light transmission at 99.6%. With double sided polishing during the manufacturing stage, you won't be robbed of precious light when shooting. The advantage of the high transmission of light is the ability of the glass to effectively reduce reflections. Filters with poor light transmission or untreated to reduce reflections can result in light bouncing between the filter and the lens’ front element, resulting in “ghosting”. Whether you're capturing landscapes, portraits, or anything in between, the K&F UV filter will help you achieve stunning results.

Features and Build
The frame of the K&F UV filter is machined from aircraft grade high strength aluminium and then anodised in slick satin black adding to the strength. Machined into the frame are two sets of grippy ripples to make it easier to get the filter on and off. The extra slim profile of the filter helps to reduce vignetting. At only 3.3 millimeters thick, the filter will not protrude into your shot even on wide angle lenses. The filter is also double threaded which will allow you to stack filters should you want to add the K&F Black Mist, Polarizer, Variable ND or other effects filters. Crafted with high-density, sharp cut UV optical glass and chemically enhanced multi-lay bonding, this is a super strong filter. With its MRC coatings to eliminate glare and reflections, its hydrophobic and scratch-resistant properties, exceptional light transmittance this range of filters are in a class of their own.

Protective Case
This awesome K&F 43mm Nano-X UV Filter comes with a round filter case. In order to transport and protect your filter a quality hard plastic filter case is included in the box. The circular filter case twists open to reveal your filter which is held securely in place by two molder rubber grip insets. A fantastic case for a filter you will probably never want to remove from your lens. Due to the design of the rubber inserts in the case, a variety of filters no matter the size can be securely held without it moving around in the case when on the move.

The K&F 43mm Nano-X UV Filter is ideal for various types of photographers, including photography enthusiasts or professionals, videographers, nature or wildlife photographers, travel and sport photographers, and perfect for the amateur striving for that pro-look. Improving quality by reducing glare and enhancing colour saturation as well as protecting your lens when shooting outdoors is a win-win for all.

K&F carry a vast range of filters, from the popular Variable ND filters and CPL’s to more exotic Black Mist filters and filter kits. K&F also have their award-winning magnetic filter kit ranges for the enthusiast. All K&F Concept product are made to the highest standard and are fully supported in South Africa

Capture the beauty of the outdoors and protect your camera lens with the K&F 43mm Nano-X UV Filter. This filter not only offers great protection, but also improves image quality by reducing haze and increasing contrast. The MCR coatings with hydrophobic and scratch-resistant technology make this UV filter stand out from others. It boasts 99.6% transmission and effectively reduces reflections, resulting in true colour representation in your images. With an ultra-thin design with a thickness of only 3.3mm, this filter is ideal for use even with wide angle lenses. It maintains image clarity with no vignetting, ensuring that your images are of the highest quality no matter how high your shooting resolution.


  • FILTER TYPE: Ultraviolet Filtering UV
  • DIAMETER: 43mm
  • PROFILE HIGHT: 3.3mm
  • FILTER MATERIAL: Japanese Optical HD Glass
  • RING MATERIAL: Aluminium Alloy, Anodised Black
  • RESOLUTION COMPATIBILITY: 8k Ultra High Definition