K&F Camera Lens and Filter Cleaning Blower Bulb | SKU.1693

Contains an an environmentally friendly silica air blower bulb to clean equipment and optics safely

Main Features of the Air Blower Bulb:

  • Air blower easily removes dust and debris with a powerful blast of air without physical contact
  • Soft air nozzle won’t damage precision instruments, and strictly complies with EU ROHS standards
  • One-way air intake ensures a dust free air blast
  • Air blower is ergonomically designed making it easy to grip, smooth to touch and skin-friendly

What’s in the box:
1 x Air Blower Bulb

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A cleaning accessory that can safely take care of all your essential camera, lens, filters, electronics, glasses, binoculars, telescopes, optics and screen cleaning needs.

So, you have invested a lot of hard-earned money into your lenses and filters expecting to raise the bar on your photography game. You’ve gone to great lengths to get your shot setup just right. Your camera settings are perfectly fine-tuned. You’re expecting flawless performance from your camera and the perfect shot. Only to look at your image in disappointment, because a speck of dust on your lens has spoiled an otherwise flawless image. You can of course fix blemishes in editing, but fixing images in editing uses more time than it would to clean your lens and filters before a shoot.

As it is much more efficient to clean your filter and lens before a shoot than removing blemishes from dust whilst editing, it is much easier to avoid contamination of your lens and filters altogether. Taking care of lens and filter cleaning means that your image quality will stay consistently perfect over time. Spend less time removing blemishes from dust in post-production and more time doing what you love – taking downright awesome images!

With a simple squeeze of the environmentally friendly silica air blower provides a powerful blast of clean air. The air stream effectively blows dust off your lens, sensor, and camera without physical contact with any the surface being cleaned. This makes it the ideal tool for cleaning dust off the most sensitive parts of your camera. The built-in one-way air valve helps prevent dusty entering into the blower and then onto the surface being cleaned. The air blower is ergonomically designed to be comfortable and easy to grip in your in your palm or fingers. It is manufactured from environmentally friendly silica gel which undergoes a precision injection moulding process. The silica gel air nozzle is soft enough so that it does not damage precision instruments or delicate surfaces, should they accidentally come in contact with one another. The air blower has good flexibility and elasticity so it will be durable enough to provide its powerful performance consistently over time. The large volume body of the air blower reliably provides a strong air stream. The silica gel used means the air blower is also odourless, safe, non-toxic and skin-friendly.

K&F also offers a 4-in-1 cleaning kit which includes the blower bulb and is an amazing cleaning kit containing the essentials for crystal clear and clean lenses and filters. You’ll be saving a lot of time and avoid sitting with the headache of fixing spots on your images in post-production. All the products in the kit are compact and can easily be stored in your bag when traveling. So there really is no excuse for a dirty lens or filter.

Cleaning your lens:

  • This needs to be done in a well-lit area as it will help you see dust and smudges on your lens.
  • First, use the blower to blow dust and sand off the front element. This gets rid of particles that would otherwise act like sandpaper when you wipe the lens with the cloth. Try to blow at a shallow angle so the particles blow off and away and are not driven down or into the lens.
  • Then you can use a microfiber cloth to wipe the lens clean. If you have fingerprints (oil) or other dirt like mud, spray a microfiber cloth with lens cleaning fluid. Repeat for the rear element if necessary. Use light pressure; start in the middle, and moving in growing concentric circles, move out towards the edges.
  • Remember to also clean your lens cap as it may have dust that goes straight back onto your freshly cleaned lens when you re-attach it. This can be done by blowing it out or by using the retractable brush on the lens pen to remove the dust.