K&F Classic-Compact Entry Level Tripod with Smartphone Mount | KF09.101

A compact, lightweight and versatile camera tripod including bag, smartphone mount and 2 quick release plates

Main Features:
– Lightweight and compact aluminium-alloy and composite material design is highly portable
– Includes 28mm metal ball head with 8kg load capacity and 360-degree panoramic panning base
– Standard ¼-inch arca-type quick release plate
– Great for mirrorless or DSLR cameras
– Includes smartphone mount to attach a phone to your tripod
– 4-stage legs can extend to a maximum of 163cm to accommodate most users
– 2-stage centre column with twist lock
– Invertible centre column for macro and low angle shooting
– Folds down to a compact 39cm for easy travel
– Leg angle locking clips securely locks to 3 different angles
– Quality quick release flip-lock leg clips ensures no slipping
– Non-slip rubber feet
– Bag hook for extra stability
– Satin black finish with anodized electric orange inserts
– Includes padded carrying bag with shoulder strap for extra value
– Standard 3/8-inch head interface compatible with most heads
– Includes a 1 year no-hassle warranty

What’s in the box:
1 x K&F Pro-Compact Tripod KF09.101 K234A0+BH-28L
1 x Smartphone Mount
1 x BH-28L Ball Head
2 x Arca-type quick release plates
1 x Carrying bag
1 x Strap for carrying bag
1 x Allen key adjustment tool

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R980 incl VAT

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Awaiting Stock or Special Order

Compact and lightweight with great versatility at an affordable entry level price

This compact tripod is the baby in our range of K&F tripods. It combines quality materials and versatile performance in a lightweight and compact package. All this at a price anyone can afford. The K&F Pro-Compact Entry Level Camera Tripod is crafted from lightweight aluminium-alloy finished in K&F’s signature burnt orange and black as well as composite materials for strength and light weight. The tripod design is highly compact, reverse folding down to a height of only 39 cm and weighs only 1,15kg. The compact and lightweight design makes this tripod a joy to use with none of the hassles of using a bulky tripod. If attached to your K&F photographic backpack, you will barely notice the extra weight. It is light enough to be used as a travel tripod, but still sturdy enough for everyday use. The included KF-28 ball head is Arca-type compatible and includes 2 quick release plates. The tripod can safely load up to 8kg without compromising stability. The tripod can mount mirrorless and DSLR cameras, optic scopes, lights and web cams thanks to its included ¼-inch arca-type quick release base plate.

The legs and centre column can extend to a maximum working height of 163 cm. You will hunch over much less while you are shooting, putting less stress on your back. The four stage legs provide a sturdy and stable platform, giving you the freedom to express yourself behind the camera. Flip-lock leg joints help you quickly and easily adjust the legs of the tripod. Flip up to freely adjust the legs, flip down to securely lock them in place. This makes setting up for a shot and packing up again to move on to the next shot less of a burden. Think moving from photo stop A to B to C on a trip through a picturesque little town. The two-stage invertible centre column can be adjusted and locked in place with a twist lock system. The large centre column locking knob is ergonomically designed and lined with grippy rubber making it super easy to lock and unlock. Having the ability to invert the centre column unlocks low-angle shots and macro capabilities. With the centre column inverted you can control how close you get to the ground. The tripod leg spread can be configured between three different angles, allowing for more creative shot framing and angles. Aluminium leg angle locking clips securely locks your desired leg spread in place.

You get a lot of tripod for your money in this package. Don’t let the entry-level price fool you though, this is a seriously capable and versatile tripod. Thanks to two stand out design features you can set it up and use it in so many different ways. Firstly, the tripod centre column can be inverted, helping you get lower down to the ground, unlocking the door to low angle shots. The possibilities are endless when it comes to low angle and perspective in your shot framing. The invertible centre column also lets you venture into the world of macro photography. Secondly, the legs can fold by 180-dgrees. This benefits the photographer in two ways. With the legs inverted the tripod folds down to a tiny 39cm. The small dimensions make the tripod highly portable and easy to store in your bag or hand luggage and makes for a fantastic travel tripod. Its size makes it simple and manageable for the user. Many photographers and creators often avoid using a tripod as they find them awkward, heavy and a burden to manage. Even more so when you are on the move or traveling. But you won’t feel any of those frustrations because the Pro-compact is genuinely a breeze to use. You will also be able to lay the legs nearly flat on the ground, giving you another low angle shooting option.

Having the option to both shoot with your camera using the ball head or the option to shoot from your phone using the smartphone mount means the tripod is ultra versatile. To use the smartphone mount you simply screw it onto one of the quick release base plates so it can be attached to the tripod. Then there is a thumb screw to widen or tighten the clamp mouth. This smartphone clamp has a range between 50mm and 100mm giving it great compatibility with any model of phone. The mount achieves a firm grip on your smartphone thanks to its rubber inserts, keeping your phone locked in place.

K&F have added some smart smaller touches too, like the bag hook at the bottom of the centre column. You can hang any suitable bag on this hook to add some extra stability when you’re shooting outdoor on a windy day. Just make sure the combined weight of the bag and your camera combined does not exceed the maximum load capacity of the tripod. The tip of each leg is reinforced with non-slip rubber feet for added friction and grip.

The ball head is very simple and straight forward to use, which makes framing up a shot quick and effortless. Simply free the head, adjust your position, and then lock your down your shot with precision. This ball-head can carry an impressive 8kg which is more than what a beginner setups weigh. The ball head has an independent panning base with a locking knob and a panoramic scale for precise positioning. The head action is smooth to operate and can pan 360-degrees, ideal for landscape photographers looking to get amazing results from panoramic shots. A cut-out notch in the ball head housing allows you to quickly flip between portrait and landscape shooting modes. The ball head screws into the tripod via a standard 3/8-inch screw.

Like all our official K&F photography tripods this tripod comes with an extra quick release base plate. Having an extra base plate really comes in handy. That second base plate makes your life much easier if you shoot with a second camera body and need to switch between the two bodies. You can also mount other compatible accessories on it like lights. Simply having it as a backup in your bag can end up saving your day. The smartly designed plates can move forward or backward in its slot on the tripod to help you balance your camera perfectly. The plates cannot slip out though. The design is nonslip, so it’s safe and won’t fall to the ground by slipping out of its slot. The plate is also lined with rubber padding on the plate to help grip and help prevent scratches your camera body. You can remove the ¼-icnh screw easily as there is a built-in ring tab to screw it out with.

With the K&F Pro-Compact there is no compromise between quality and price. Lots of photographers buy two tripods when they first start out. The first – the cheapest tripod they can find. The second – a decent quality tripod at a higher price to replace the first one which broke, was unstable and did not go high enough, a month after it was purchased. You will avoid buying twice altogether, by buying right the first time. It will also be quite a few years before you need to upgrade, making this a smart tripod investment. The military grade aluminium-magnesium alloy used throughout the legs, chassis and ball head is super strong, yet it’s very lightweight. This ensures much better stability than you would get with a cheap tripod, with less vibration and shaking. Having a rock-solid base with safe support for your camera results in crystal-clear images with less accidental blurring. You can feel the quality throughout the entire tripod. Over the long term you will have less wear and tear.

You can configure the tripod in many ways, depending on your application and requirements. Extending your tripod to achieve some height is easy with the flip-lock leg joints. Flip up to freely adjust the legs, flip down to securely lock them in place. You can increase the height further by extending the centre column. It locks in place with a twist lock. If you need to get lower down to the ground, you unscrew the bag hook, loosen the centre column locking ring and pull out the centre column. Insert it back from underneath and there you go – it’s inverted. You can also control how close to the ground you go with the centre column. Once you’ve taken enough snaps and are ready to move on to the next stop, the tripod is as easy to take down and pack up as it is to set up. Simply press the button to unlock and flip the legs and by 180-degrees to get it down to its most compact size.

When you decide that it’s time to take the next step with your photography, a tripod is one of the first pieces of essential gear to consider investing in. With a tripod providing crucial stability you can dive much deeper into the world photography and start experimenting with lower angles, long exposures or even just get better results from your portraits. For more specialised work such as macro, the weight carrying and stability a tripod provides close to the ground cannot be overstated. But balancing all these requirements with a maybe not so big budget can be a massive challenge for newer photographers. Especially when the market is flooded with tripods of different shapes, sizes and price points.

Your first tripod needs to meet these 4 essential criteria points: Firstly, you need something that you can trust to safely carry the weight of your camera for extended periods of time and provide a stable shooting platform. Secondly, it needs to be adaptable to whatever genre of photography you may be interested in. And keep in mind this may change over time. Thirdly, it needs to last you at least a few years until you’ve honed your skills and are ready for an upgrade. And lastly, you need a tripod that falls within your budget, because money doesn’t grow on trees. Luckily, K&F use their experience in design and manufacturing to ensure that the Pro-Compact checks all the beginner tripod boxes and much more. So, if you’re buying your first tripod and want to make a smart purchasing decision. Or your first tripod did not meet your performance expectations and broke way too soon, make the right choice and add the K&F Pro-compact to your cart. And it’s not just for beginner photographers. For advanced photographers this makes the perfect portable secondary tripod for smaller gigs or trips.

When it comes to gifting, you cannot go wrong with giving a K&F Pro-compact tripod as a gift to a keen photography enthusiast. Whether it’s Christmas time, a birthday or any other special occasion, this is the most memorable gift you can get for that special person in your life. Buying them a tripod is an investment in their passion and creativity, making it a thoughtful and practical gift that they will truly appreciate and use for years to come. If you want to show your support for their passion and help them elevate their photography game, the K&F Pro-compact is the way to go!

Whether you're a traveling photographer, outdoor enthusiast, documenting a bucket list trip or simply someone who loves to capture life's magical moments, having a tripod that is easy to carry and set up can make a huge difference in the results you achieve with your photography. With a compact tripod, you'll never have to miss a shot because your equipment is too cumbersome or heavy to bring with you. It's perfect for those spontaneous photo opportunities and helps you achieve a stable and steady shot, even in low light situations. Not to mention, you can take it with you wherever you go, freeing you up to focus on your creativity without worrying about the added weight. Simply toss it in your backpack and hit the road. You can count on this tripod to become your trusty sidekick. With it you'll always be ready to capture the world in all its glory.

If you’re a beginner photographer, it will unlock a world of new creative possibilities. For more advanced photographers looking for a compact and straightforward secondary tripod for lighter work, look no further. Thanks to some smart design features, the tripod is very versatile and a great all-rounder. There really is a lot you can do with this just this tripod. From low angle and macro shots to panoramic landscapes, and everything in between. Being light and compact makes this tripod the perfect fit for an on-the-move lifestyle. You can comfortably carry it anywhere without it becoming a burden. The tripod comes with an easy-to-use 28mm ball head. If that is not enough, a padded carry bag and two quick release base plates are included in the package. That is everything you need to level up your photography game. At this price, you won’t find a better tripod package.


  • Weight: 1,15kg
  • Folded length: 39cm
  • Maximum height with centre column extended: 163cm
  • Maximum height without centre column extended: 116cm
  • Minimum height: 50cm
  • Maximum tube diameter: 2,3cm
  • Maximum load capacity: 8kg
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Includes zipped shoulder bag
  • Includes 2 x ¼-inch base plates
  • Maximum load capacity: 8kg