K&F Full Range 12×50 Monocular with Superb Clarity | KF33.068

Premium build quality with large 50mm front objective lens for maximum clarity in low light conditions

Main Features:
– Powerful 12x Optical Magnification with a large 50mm Objective lens
– BAK-4 top quality glass prisms for vivid and outstanding clarity and improved contrast
– Super-low Dispersion HD glass with multi-coated optics for maximum light transmission
– Top mounted focus scroll wheel for smooth action one finger focusing
– Adjustable eyecup up to 9mm, for all eye types and ideal for those who wear glasses
– Tough Natural Rubber finish with a comfortable ergonomic grip and added shock resistance
– Waterproof IP65 rating and internal fog resistance
– Standard ¼” screw point when mounting to a tripod for extra stability
– Size is 175mm long with a maximum diameter of 64mm, compact yet powerful
– Monocular Weight 360g

What is in included:
1 x K&F Monocular (KF13.068)
1 x Carry Pouch
1 x Hand Strap
1 x Front and Rear caps
1 x Lens Cloth
1-year warranty on manufacturing defects

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R950 incl VAT

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Awaiting Stock or Special Order

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K&F 12x50 Monocular, a must have for an exceptional and realistic viewing experience.

This quality built monocular by K&F Concept, with its powerful 12x magnification and large 50mm front objective lens is ideal for game viewing, big stadium sports and concerts, bird watching, hiking and any other scenario where you need a much closer view, but just not able to be in the position you would ideally like to be in. This Monocular will take you right there, into the middle of that pride of lions or into the centre of the action when viewing your favourite sport event. Elevating your viewing experience to the next level.

With the extensive knowledge and expertise K&F has in manufacturing their huge range of high-quality camera lens filters, this same precision has been utilized in the making of their Monoculars, Binoculars and Spotting scopes. The clarity and sharpness are outstanding and is what you would expect to find in monoculars three times its price.

Being made with top quality components is reflected in the use of a BAK4 or Barium Crown glass prism. This is to be considered the best type of material a prism can be made of. The result is the ability to transmit light better with less light being lost due to its purity. This results in crisp, sharp quality images.

Another major factor implemented by K&F are full-multi-coated (FMC) lens coatings as used by the manufacturers of top-end optics. This is a coating applied to all lens surfaces to reduce glare and reflections, this in turn increases the light transmitted improving contrast and providing vivid colours. The reason the view looks clearer, brighter and sharper is due to the fact that the coating eliminates the reflection of light allowing maximum light transmission back to your eye.

With a powerful 12x magnification, objects look twelve times closer than with the eye. The front 50mm objective lens allows good light to enter, providing a clearer view especially in lower light conditions.

Focus is achieved by simply adjusting the focus scroll wheel mounted on the top of the monocular. With its super-smooth action, the wheel is simply turned with a finger; anti-clockwise for closer objects and clockwise for object further away, giving a super clear in-focus view.

Maximum eye-comfort and perfectly sharp focus is attained with an adjustable twist-up eyecup. This allows your eye to be positioned at the optimum focal point, the point where the light passes through the eyepiece. This is particularly useful when wearing glasses. An adjustment relief of up to 9mm can be achieved.

A flip down lens cap ensures your front lens does not get scratched when not in use and as the cap is attached, no need to worry about losing it. A separate cap protects the rear eye piece.

Its rugged waterproof design is ideal for the outdoors person, so no matter the weather conditions, no need for concern. Even in really cold conditions you can be assured that no internal fogging will take place due to its well-constructed design and high manufacturing standard. To add to this robust design and being moulded in natural rubber, gives you a comfortable, solid grip and feel, on your monocular. This construction also helps to absorb those unnecessary little bumps and knocks that may happen while on your journey.

PLEASE NOTE: All K&F Concept products are fully supported and guaranteed in South Africa, and with our huge rage of spares, available backup, and a no fuss policy, you can be assured of a peace of mind purchase on all our products.

K&F Concept monoculars are well constructed with high quality optical components. Having a compact and lightweight optical device for portability and ease of use, makes it ideal for outdoor activities like hiking, birdwatching, and sporting events.