K&F X-Pro Filter System with CPL and ND1000 for 67-82mm lenses | SKU.1878

One filter system for every lens, anything from 67mm to 82mm, encompassing square and round filter types

Main Features:

  • A versatile filter system which adapts to several lens sizes and holds both square/rectangle or round filters
  • Includes a square ND1000 10-stop Neutral Density Filter
  • Includes a round Circular Polarizing Filter (CPL)
  • Includes 4 lens adapter rings which securely fits any of these lens thread sizes (67mm, 72mm, 77mm, 82mm)
  • You no longer have to buy a screw on filter for every lens size you own
  • iF Design and Reddot Design Award Winner
  • Ultra slim frame with aluminium alloy design and large diameter ensures no vignetting or dark corners
  • Filter holder has adjustor wheel to rotate the filter for the desired polarisation effect or can be locked in place
  • Holds circular filters and up to 2 square filters can be stacked
  • Filters are made from imported Japanese optical glass
  • 28-layer dual-sided coatings are waterproof, scratch-resistant and oil-proof
  • ND1000 Filter controls light for slower shutter speed giving a longer exposure time
  • Circular Polarizing Filter (CPL) enhances colour/contrast and removes reflections
  • Leather filter case included to protect filter with pop out tab to make it easy to get filters in and out of the pouch

What’s in the box:
1 x Aluminium Filter Holder
4 x Adapter Rings (67mm/72mm/77mm/82mm)
1 x Circular Polarising Filter
1 x Square ND1000 Filter
1 x Instruction Manual
1 x Adapter Rings Plastic Case
1 x CPL Plastic Case
1 x Square Filter PU Leather Case

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Only 3 left in stock

The award-winning innovative design of the X-Pro is highly compatible and future proof, making it the last filter system you’ll ever buy

The X-Pro filter system is designed to work on every one of your lenses. There are adapter rings for every size lens and even the basic kit contains 4 adapters so everything from 67mm to 82mm is covered. It can be used for a round CLP or square ND filters and even rectangular graduated filters. Easy on, easy off and you can even stack filters. Quality filters can be very expensive, now you can buy the high-quality glass filter you need and use it on all your lenses. Invest once and future proof yourself as you grow.

If you are looking to make a smart filter investment and make your life a whole lot easier, the K&F X-Pro square filter kit is the way to go. It has got all you need to start taking stunning images with all the benefits of a square filter system and a whole lot more. The X-Pro filter system can be seen as a much smarter investment as it offers fantastic value, features, flexibility and control. Oh boy do landscape photographers love it.

The Pros and Cons of Round Filters.
Circular filters are perfectly fine for beginners to use, as they simply screw onto the front of the lens. As a result, they are designed for specific lens diameters. This makes them cheaper as they are only made of as much glass as is needed. Their disadvantage is they will probably only fit onto one of your lenses. Zooms, primes, wide and telephoto lenses come in a range of front element sizes. Typically, photographers have at least 3 lenses to cover different shooting situations and they will almost never share the same front element diameter. Ultimately this can make round filters expensive as you may need to buy more than one of the same type. It may also happen that you upgrade a lens and suddenly your filter is no longer usable. The K&F X-Pro Circular Polarising Filter (CPL) gets around this problem by being large. It might cost more this way, but you will only ever need the 1.

A Polarising Filter needs to rotate so you can adjust the polarisation desired, so they are typically round. Because they filter light through polarisation, CPL’s can in effect, filter or control bounced light. This means it can remove reflections from surfaces like water, glass, paint, leaves, sky, buildings and streets. This versatility is why photographers often want it on every lens they have. This type of filter can allow you to choose whether you capture the reflection of clouds on a lake surface or allow you to shoot through the surface and see into the water. It makes the sky and clouds look amazing by allowing you to darken the sky and capture more shape and definition in clouds which would otherwise just be indistinct white blobs. Should your subject consist of greenery and foliage, the CPL will help bring out colour and texture. If cityscapes are your thing, a CPL is the perfect tool to tame glare from glass. Even if your fascinated with automotive photography, the CPL will help you control glare from shiny paint surfaces and windows. It is very important though that a CPL can rotate, as the intensity of its effect is controlled by rotating it to increase or decrease the effect. Simply view your scene through your viewfinder and adjust the CPL effect by rotating the wheel on the X-Pro lens holder until perfection is achieved. The kit also includes a plastic case for the CPL so you can safely store and transport it whenever needed.

The Benefits of Square or Rectangular Filters.
Using a square filter system instead of multiple round filters benefits the photographer in four ways. Firstly, a square filter system works across multiple lenses, offering unrivalled value. Square filter systems allow you to use the same filters with multiple lenses of varying diameters via adapters. So, if you already have a large collection of lenses, or you’re planning on growing your collection in the near future, opting for a square filter rather than individual circular filters for each lens could save you a lot of money down the road. Secondly, filter stacking is much better with a square filter system. Although you can stack some circular filters, it always leads to vignetting. The more filters you stack – the worse the vignetting becomes. The frames of the filters begin to create dark areas around the edge of the frame as they stick so far forward the lens starts to capture them in the frame. Especially when using wide angle lenses. This problem is inherent as the lens and filters are the same diameter. On the other hand, square filters avoid this problem altogether as they are larger than the diameter of your lens. Thirdly, swapping filters is super easy and fast. Unlike with circular filters where you need to unscrew the filter you are using and then screw on the one you want. This cumbersome process might take valuable time when the light or subject is changing quickly. With a square filter system, you simply slide the filters in and out of the holders – simple as that. Filters can be swapped in mere seconds. Lastly, square filter systems offer greater flexibility and control when working with graduated ND filters. A rectangular filter can be slid up or down so you can precisely position the gradient of the filter within your composition.

This X-Pro Filter System comes with a square 100x100 mm ND1000 filter. A Neutral Density (ND) filter is like a pair of sunglasses for your lens. They help you to control the amount of light passing through the glass into your lens. Useful as a fourth control tool to manipulate light exposure, on top of aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. This ND1000 will reduce the amount of light by a massive 10 f-stops. With this filter you will be able to slow your shutter speed which will increase your exposure times. Photographers do this to create a motion-blur effect or to control depth of field by allowing the aperture to open wider. This leaves you with endless creative possibilities, especially when photographing moving water, like waterfalls and ocean tides. This effect is also great for photographing moving clouds or movement in urban landscapes such as traffic. With slower shutter speeds, the camera sensor is exposing for a longer time. This allows movement to record as blur creating a mystical or dream like effect with silky smooth water and streaky clouds. Under normal daylight conditions, the durations required to adequately blur movement would just lead to over exposure. With the 10 stops of the ND1000 you can hugely reduce the amount of light. You are able to create images unobtainable to other photographers by achieving shutter speeds around 4 seconds during the day time.

The K&F X-Pro square filter kit was recognised for its outstanding design by taking home the iF and Reddot Design Awards for 2021. These are 2 of the most prestigious design awards worldwide. These awards were bestowed for the K&F X-Pros innovative design. This kit has a filter holder, ND1000 filter, Circular Polarizing filter, four Adapter Rings and a protective leather filter carrying case. The four adapter rings are to match 67mm, 72mm, 77mm and 82mm lens diameters. This protects you when you eventually upgrade your lenses to a different diameter. Your filter system will simply adapt to your new lens diameter, making the kit future proof. They are made of an aluminium alloy and are finished in a matt black. They are designed to be of a low profile when attached to the filter holder.

The aluminium alloy filter holder is lightweight and robust. It has two filter holding sections. There is a drop in holder for the round Circular Polariser. The CPL holders door will not close if the filter was inserted the wrong way round. This makes using the system fool proof. There is a wheel on the back of the holder so you are able to rotate the CPL in order to dial in the polarisation effect desired. The front filter holders are for square or rectangular filters. There are two slots allowing you to stack filters. The slots go right through, so you are able to slide a longer rectangular graduated filter to position the effect just where you want it. You can setup your shot and then add the filter. With the filter in place, it can be too dark to compose or check focus. The ease of this filter holder becomes a real benefit under these conditions. There is also a veld strip to prevent light leaks as K&F Concept have worked very hard at making this a well-designed product. The aperture of the filter holder is 91mm in diameter. This allows it to work on very large lenses and prevent vignetting as it never intrudes into the frame.

The included CPL filter and the ND1000 filter are precision engineered from Japanese optical glass. They are made up of 28-layer nano-coating technology and a double-sided polishing process. The most prominent of these coatings, is the anti-reflection coating, which effectively reduces internal reflection problems such as flares and ghosting. Another benefit of these coatings is that they increase the effective light transmittance through the filter. These coatings allow the filters to achieve high-definition picture quality and be waterproof. It also helps them to have a high level of scratch resistance and grease does not adhere well to the surface. Fingerprints wipe off very well instead of just smearing. This K&F ND1000 allows for full colour photography. It will not create images with colour casts. Most cheap filters leave you no choice but to convert your images to black and white as they affect the colour accuracy too severely. This ND1000 filter is framed in smartly designed polycarbonate frames with generous tabs so that you do not have to touch the filter surface when you want to install, remove or adjust the filter. The frames will also help protect against chipping or cracking from accidental falls and bumps, preserving your filter’s flawless performance over time.

A PU leather case for your square filters is included in the kit. The pouch has a magnetic flip cover. Lifting the cover reveals a fabric pull tab for simple and quick access to your square filter. Pull the orange tab to safely lift the filter from its case without touching the glass. A great filter is worth protecting. You can further expand the system with additional filters such as graduated ND, night light pollution and diffusion filters. So, if you are thinking of getting a future proof square filter kit that will adapt and level-up with you, buy the K&F X-Pro filter system now. Don’t miss out on the last filter system you will ever need!

Using the X-Pro filter system
The setup and operation of the X-Pro filter holder is very easy. Have a look at the front element of your lens to identify the thread diameter. Match the lens diameter to the adapter ring which will screw onto the front of the lens. The adapter ring sizes in this kit supports attaching to 67mm, 72mm, 77mm or 82mm diameter lenses. Then slide the filter holder over the adapter ring to mount it. Once mounted to your lens, the adapters easily snap into place on the holder and is secured with a twist-lock control knob to prevent accidental disconnection. A lever on top allows you to access the CPL Filter holder. You drop the round filter into the holder taking care it faces the correct direction. If the lever will not fully close with the filter in place, the message “CPL Error” will be visible on the arm. This helps you quickly orientate the polarising filter in the correct direction. Flip the filter around and the lever arm will be able to fully close. On the side of the filter holder, you will find an integrated aluminium alloy adjustment wheel to smoothly control the rotation of circular polarising filter. You can adjust the position of the circular polariser without touching it with your dirty and oily fingers. Avoiding direct contact between your fingers and the polarising filter means you will spend a whole lot less time cleaning your filter and more time chasing award winning landscape shots. Both the adapter ring locking knob and polarising filter adjustment wheel is finished in K&F’s eye-catching electric orange, making them stand out against the matt black filter holder frame. This means you can easily and quickly locate these two important adjusting pieces. At the front end of the filter holder are two slots for square filters. So, you can stack up to 2 square filters along with your circular polariser. Having the ability to stack two square filters up front allows for a wider combination of filter effects. So, you can expand your creativity and start playing around with different and new filter combinations. Pretty soon you will have a new go-to pre-set filter combo.

The importance of light quality cannot be overstated when it comes to taking beautiful images. Optical filters are the key to controlling the light that your camera records. There is no substitute for a high-quality filter set. Not even the powerful digital editing software of today can compete with the exposure control that filters offer.



Filter Holder

  • Aluminium Alloy Frame
  • 91mm Aperture
  • 12mm Profile
  • Integrated 95mm CPL Holder
  • 2 x 100mm Square Filter Slots
  • CPL Rotation wheel
  • Light leak prevention



  • Japanese optical glass
  • 28 Layers of nano-coating technology
  • Scratch, water and oil resistant
  • 95mm CPL with Aluminium Alloy frame
  • 100mm Square ND1000 Filter with polycarbonate frames
  • ND1000 is a 10-stop filter with no colour shift


Adapter Rings

  • 4 Sizes included
  • Very lightweight Aluminium Alloy
  • Strong yet thin to keep the filter housing close to the lens
  • Matt black finish
  • 67mm
  • 74mm
  • 77mm
  • 82mm