K&F X-Pro ND64 Filter with Frame 10x10cm a 6 f-Stop Reduction | SKU.1873

A square neutral density filter for the K&F X-Pro System with no colour cast in a protective frame.

– An ND64 filter (Neutral Density Filter 1.8) providing 6 f-stops of light reduction
– Designed for use within the K&F Concept X-Pro Filter System
– a 100mm by 100mm square glass filter
– Full colour with no colour cast or colour shift
– Square filter housed within a protective frame
– Constructed from Japanese AGC optical glass with the double-sided 28-layer coatings
– Coatings are anti-reflective and reduce glare
– Multilayer coatings especially formulated to reduce known issues with long-exposure work to ensure top-notch image quality
– A PU leather storage pouch is provided with drawstring to easily remove the filter

1 x Full Colour ND64 Square Filter
1 x Protective Frame
1 x PU Leather Filter Pouch
1 x 1 Year Warranty

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Reduce the light so you can extend your shutter duration or lower your F-Stop for shallower depth of field.

An ND filter is like a pair of sunglasses for your lens. It allows you more control over your exposure settings especially in mid-day lighting conditions. If you want shallower depth of field or slower shutter speed, you may need to add a filter like this to get the images you want. For photographers wanting performance beyond the limitations of your camera and lenses, upgrade to the X-Pro filter system with this system add-on, to up your photography game.

A great addition to your X-Pro kit
The X-Pro filter system is an amazing photographic tool as it is designed to work on every one of your lenses. With its adapter rings for every size lens, it is a very versatile piece of equipment designed to ultimately reduce the costs for photographers with diverse lenses in their kit. The mount can be used for a round CLP or square ND filters and even rectangular graduated filters. Easy on, easy off and you can even stack filters. Quality filters can be very expensive, now you can buy the high-quality glass filter you need and use it on all your lenses. Invest once and future proof yourself as you grow.

Water to silk
This product is designed as an add-on to expand the capabilities of your X-Pro Filter System kit. A Neutral Density (ND) filter is like a pair of sunglasses for your lens. They help you to control the amount of light passing through the glass into your lens. Useful as a fourth control tool to manipulate light exposure, on top of aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. This ND64 will reduce the amount of light by 6 f-stops. With this filter you will be able to slow your shutter speed which will increase your exposure times. Photographers do this to create a motion-blur effect or to control depth of field by allowing the aperture to open wider. This leaves you with endless creative possibilities, especially when photographing moving water, like waterfalls and ocean tides. This effect is also great for photographing moving clouds or movement in urban landscapes such as traffic. With slower shutter speeds, the camera sensor is exposing for a longer time. This allows movement to record as blur creating a mystical or dream like effect with silky smooth water and streaky clouds. Under normal daylight conditions, the durations required to adequately blur movement would just lead to over exposure. With the 6 stops of the ND64 you can reduce the amount of light.

Blurred backgrounds
The other reason you may want to reduce the amount of light when shooting is so you can use wider apertures. A very sought after effect in photography is blurred backgrounds. Soft creamy backgrounds make your subject matter stand out, reduce distractions and add depth to the image. Photographers spend a lot of money on “fast” lenses as these properties have such a great impact on the images they create. A wide f-stop allows you to reduce the depth of field. To use a wide-open aperture like f1.8, F2 or 2.4 lets a lot of light into the camera. Usually, we want a lot of light. However, at mid-day it can be too much. To shoot at f2.8 outdoors in the afternoon you need to reduce the light. This is done through shutter speed or iso. If those aren’t enough of a reduction, you need to add an ND filter like this one.

The quality of the filters made for use with the X-Pro filter system is exceptional. The filters made for the X-Pro filter System fall under the Nano-X range. These are premium filters with exceptional optical performance. These filters are made from Japanese AGC optical glass. Manufactured by K&F concept in their state of the art facility. With grinding, double polishing technology, 28 layer coatings and several quality inspection steps to ensure a great product. The filter has coatings applied which increase its durability and reduce many of the negative effects long exposures are vulnerable to. The coatings reduce reflections, glare and ghosting but most importantly give true colour images without colour shifts. This ensures superior images which mean less editing and better results.

The Frame
These filters are encased within a frame which boarders the entire edge. It helps strengthen the filter and protect it from damage so they last many years longer. Accidental drops can happen and having this frame can save your filter if dropped on flat ground. It can’t protect against every drop or circumstance, but it can give the glass a better than average chance from heights as much as 1.5m. This protective surround won the iF DESIGN AWARD and Red Dot Design Award. The frame is assembled around the filter with two prominent tabs, one on top and one at the bottom. These two tabs make it easier to hold, position and add or remove the filter from the X-Pro Filter system filter mount. Being able to hold the tabs also helps to reduce or even eliminate the need to touch the filter surface. So it keeps the filter clean and smudge or mark free.

A PU leather case for your square filters is included in the kit. The pouch has a magnetic flip cover. Lifting the cover reveals a fabric pull tab for simple and quick access to your filter. Pull the patented design orange drawstring tab to safely lift the filter from its case without touching the glass. A great filter is worth protecting.

PLEASE NOTE… K&F Concept products bought from K&F South Africa or one of its authorised dealers carry a warranty against manufacturing faults. K&F South Africa also carry a full range of spares. Should you lose a locking knob or bend a tripod leg by accident, no stress, and no need to throw your gear away. This trusted brand with excellent user ratings and reviews have got you covered. K&F South Africa can get it repaired and up and running again in no time. If you are looking for excellent photographic equipment to last you many years, look no further than this quality-built K&F product.

If you are looking to expand the capabilities of your existing K&F Concept X-Pro Filter System, this is a great upgrade to your existing kit. Get greater control over your settings by controlling the light and mastering the images you capture.

- FILTER: Neutral Density
- DENSITY: 1.8
- SIZE: 10cm x10cm
- ASPECT: Square
- MATERIAL: Japanese AGC glass
- COATINGS: 28 Layers Double sided