Tape-iT Black Gaffer Tape Roll 48mm x 50m | Ti4850BG

Strong easy to tear cloth tape with matt finish, perfect for DIY, Production, Staging, Auto & many other uses

Main Features:
– 48mm wide (2inch), 50m long
– Matt Black Gaffer cotton cloth tape
– Matt finish making it non-reflective, ensuring it remains inconspicuous
– Superb adhesion qualities so it grips tightly, yet can also be removed when needed
– Natural Rubber ensures there is no sticky residue left behind
– Easy to tear so no need for a cutting tool, it tears by hand, and straight
– Strong tensile strength so it won’t just rip if pulled on
– Weather resistant so it can be used indoors or outdoors

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Tape-it gaffer tape is an affordable and indispensable companion for your home, workshop or production environment.

Tape-iT Gaffer Tape is an affordable and indispensable companion for production environments like film sets, stages, events and photography shoots. Ideal for the DIY person, you will be amazed at how often this tape comes in handy around the workshop, home and office. This premium-grade tape is an essential tool that can solve everyday challenges. In fact, if you are not that handy, even more reason to have a roll at hand.

Tape-iT Gaffer Tape is a versatile product with a variety of useful applications. The specifications have been specially manufactured and tailored to obtain its desirable characteristics. This is an easy to tear, pressure activated adhesive tape which comfortably withstands outdoor conditions, and when removed it does not leave residue. For many professionals working in stage, film and production, DIY enthusiasts and homeowners it has become an absolute necessity due to its versatility and its sheer number of possible uses.

Gaffer Tape was primarily designed for and used in the film and production industries due to its ability to handle high heat, its great stickability, to secure cables across walkways, and its ability as a quick fix in so many situations. It became an indispensable tool in the industry and has grown in popularity across many other industries solving countless problems as it was discovered how good the performance is, compared to many other tapes in similar and higher price ranges, including duct tape. Through this process it has found its way into people’s households, workshops and businesses over time. Once you have used Gaffer Tape you will find it an indispensable tool and the most used item in your toolbox or office stationery cupboard. Whether it's bundling cables, creating impromptu props, holding panels together or making a quick-fix plan, this tape is adaptable to various situations, providing endless creative possibilities. Our white tape is ideal to wright on with a marker for quick labelling.

It is a popular choice as it tears easily and straight by hand, so you can work without carrying a sharp cutting tool. The tape is made up with a cloth mesh, so your tear will naturally follow a straight line in the direction of the embedded fibres. The torn edge of our quality Gaffer Tape is quite unlike that of duct, masking, or other tapes where people often have to use their teeth to shear and rip, leaving a jagged or skew tear.

Tape-iT Gaffer Tapes has a grippy adhesive which bonds to surfaces through the application process of pressure. Lay the tape where you want it, then run your hand over it to stick it down. It exerts a good hold on just about any clean surface texture or material. One way in which Gaffer Tape differs from how most tapes are used, is that this is a tape designed to also be removed with ease when required. This is where the natural rubber of our quality tapes really shines. Tape-iT Gaffer Tape can be removed without damaging surfaces or leaving a glue layer where it was applied. It must be noted that if stuck to a poorly painted surface there is a chance the paint may be lifted when removing the tape. Cheap tapes and particularly duct tape often leave a sticky residue on removal. This tacky deposit collects dirt, is really tough to remove and almost impossible if stuck on carpets, making a simple procedure, complicated, time consuming and often costly.

Another property of Gaffer Tape which is different from other types of tape, is its matt finish. Gaffer Tape has a surface which is not glossy or shiny. This is a desired property of the product as it makes it far less conspicuous. You can apply tape on stages, trusses, counters, and many other objects without drawing additional attention to that area. Whether you choose white, black or any other colour, a matt finish helps ensure that Tape-iT Gaffer Tape is your superior choice in tape.

Duct Tape vs Gaffer Tape
Many people will be familiar with duct tape which has been available for many years. Both duct and gaffer are “cloth” type tapes, made to be torn easily by hand. Duct tape generally uses a synthetic adhesive while our Gaffer Tape uses a natural rubber adhesive. The popular TV series “MythBusters” spent several hours covering the products properties and potential uses. After all his tests, host Adam savage had this to say, “Gaffer Tape is like duct tape that went to college and learnt to do its job properly”. Duct tape is not very resilient. It becomes frail and perishes over time. It leaves a sticky residue. It has terrible heat resistance and does not like being in the sun. The adhesive can become slimy or gummy when warm and then does not adhere well. Gaffer Tape is far superior as it actually does all the things you think duct tape can do, yet without the disappointment."

Tape-iT manufactures a range of tape-based products in a range of colours and sizes. For your quality tape needs look no further than Tape-iT South Africa your trusted tape brand.

In summary Tape-iT Gaffer Tape has been manufactured to tear easily. It has a matt finish, so it is inconspicuous with minimal reflectivity. The tape has weather resistant properties. Can handle temperature fluctuations and even get rained on. Superb adhesion qualities make it reliable. Natural rubber makes it grippy without leaving a sticky residue. If you need something held in place but have run out of hands, just Gaffer Tape-iT.

Tape-iT Gaffer Tape is a heavy cotton cloth pressure-sensitive tape with strong adhesive and tensile properties.
APPLICATIONS: Used in theatre, film and television, staging, DIY, automotive, hardware and in the home.
COATING: LDPE coated cloth that does not reflect light.
THICKNESS: 300 microns
TEMPERATURE RESISTANCE: -30 to +90 degrees Celsius
SHELF LIFE: to obtain best performance, use this product within 2 years from date of manufacture and store under normal conditions of 20°C to 30 °C.